Greasemetal 1.0

Greasemetal is a userscript runtime for Google Chrome
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Cybozu Labs, Inc.

Greasemetal is a special userscript runtime for Google Chrome. The runtime hosts userscripts (tiny javascript files that modify the webpages being displayed) to be executed on Google Chrome, similar to what Greasemonkey does for Mozilla Firefox, or Greasekit does for Safari.

Greasemetal is developed by Kazuho Oku as part of his research activity at Cybozu Labs, Inc., a public software compary in Japan. Greasemetal is licensed under GNU Public License version 2.

Google Chrome does not provide any interface to develop browser addons. Greasemetal modifies the behaviour of Google Chrome using an inter-process communication channel called AutomationProxy, which is used for automatically testing the functions of the web browser.

After installation, launch Greasemetal from the start menu. Greasemetal will in turn start up Google Chrome, while hooking its behaviours to insert userscripts.

Greasemetal is a unique userscript runtime that modifies the behaviour of Google Chrome in order to make the browser be able to host and execute userscripts.

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